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Clinical Informatics & Medical Statistics Research Center



The purpose of the establishment of the "Clinical Informatics and Medical Statistics Research Center (CIMS)" is to enhance academic research, and to develop the statistical science applied to clinical study of the information arising from research areas, such as: clinical trials, clinical epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics and genetic epidemiology.

Our research center also combines with the research resources from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to promote the momentum of the clinical research. The center's implementation will be different from the consulting scale of the general biological statistical centers as it will take research services as the primary consideration, application as the main axis, supplemented by science applications of clinical information, so that it can present more specifically the problem that occurred from the clinical research, and to reach the essence of solving clinical problems.

The center is deployed under the 1st class research unit of Chang Gung University; externally its primary objective is to cooperate with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and to provide research services. By applying similar models with the hospital, it is to introduce large research projects with industrial pharmaceutical companies, and to establish cooperation models. Internally research teaching is the primary objective, orientated by the clinical research questions, to enhance research energy and to establish the course of study to another goal, therefore to achieve unity of the philosophy of research teaching and research services.

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