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Clinical Informatics & Medical Statistics Research Center


Graduate Students

Student Master Thesis  Adcisor
Lu,Shao-Yi  Using mixture models for Predicting discharge functional outcome in acute ischemic stroke Jr-Rung Lin,Ph.D.
Chang,Ya-Han Cost-effectiveness of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination for the high-risk elderly in Taiwan Yu-Wen Wen,Ph.D.
Hsu,Jing-Ya Association of periostin with allergic risk factors and related clinical conditions using finite mixture modeling in a Taiwanese children cohort Su-Wei Chang,Ph.D.
Yeh,Chih-Hua Cervical nodal metastases with cystic and necrotic changes in patients with oropharynegeal squamous cell carcinoma:Association with post-treatment failure patterns and surcival date Jr-Rung Lin,Ph.D.
Su,Tse-Hsuan The Effects of Aspirin Loading Dose in Acute Ischemic Stroke Yu-Wen Wen,Ph.D.
Chien,Cheng-Hung Impact of coffee consumption on liver enzymes: A longitudinal community-based study Su-Wei Chang,Ph.D.
Lin,Tzu-Yu The impact of delayed reimbursement of bevacizumab on overall survival in patients with metastatic colon cancer Chee-Jen Chang,Ph.D.
 Ge,Wei-Li Mixture Modelling Approach to the Relationship between Mortality and Admission Blood Pressure in Patients with Acute Stroke Jr-Rung Lin,Ph.D.
Lien,Chao-Ming Test strategy for Hepatocellular carcinoma Surveillance A cost-Effectiveness Analysis Jur-Shan Cheng,Ph.D
Chen,Ting-Chun Bayesian Approach for Prediction Models of Discharge Outcome for Acute Stroke Patients Jr-Rung Lin,Ph.D.
Huang,Hsin-Yi Association of common and genetic variantw on citamin D pathway genes with asthma and allergic diseases in Taiwanese children Su-Wei Chang,Ph.D.
Hsiao,Ching-Chung Model for prediction of cardiovascular outcome and mortality in hemodialysis patients Pi-Hua Liu,Ph.D.
Chang,Yu-Lun Using artificial reproductive database and national health database to establish predicted probabilistic model of a live birth after in vitro fertilization Chee-Jen Chang,Ph.D.
Fang,Yao-Fan Good adherence of uric lowering agent in patients with gouty arthritis improves multiple risk outcomes Su-Wei Chang,Ph.D.
Lin,Chia-Min Biosignature in Sepsis Kuan-Fu Chen,Ph.D.