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1. CIMS provides academic service and consultation to teachers and medical doctors in affiliated colleges and hospitals on a basis of research collaboration.
2. The research areas of service and consultation provided are comprehensive, including: biostatistics, clinical trials, clinical epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, genetic epidemiology, genomic medicine and bioinformatics.
3. The faculty of CIMS satisfies educational demands of CGU and opens courses jointly with other departments. CIMS is now in preparation for setting up the “Clinical Informatics” program under the Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine (starting in Fall 2013 presumably).
4. CIMS offers the Clinical Trials Research Program which is designed to prepare students with knowledge they will need to conduct clinical research and to equip them with concepts and skills to become a certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) or Clinical Research Associate (CRA).
5. CIMS invites experts and professionals in related fields of clinical research to share experience and holds seminars regularly.