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Research Services

To provide professor of clinical medicine and research physician with research collaboration and services of the full range of statistics, biostatistics, clinical trial design and implementation, clinical epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, medicine, genetic epidemiology, genomic medicine and bio informatics to research unit of the school and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital,. These include:

  1. Proposal writing
  2. Experimental design and statistical methods selection
  3. Sample size calculation
  4. Random allocation table  
  5. Data collection
  6. Database design and management
  7. Protocol analysis
  8. Data analysis and the interpretation of research projects results
  9. Paper writing

In collaboration with the 「Biostatitical Center for Clinical Research」that has been set up in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, combining the demands of both domestic and foreign industries, signing academia-industry cooperation, and to provide students and the industry a bridge for collaborations on "clinical statistical process".