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• Short-term objectives: 

To appoint young researchers with potentials, and to provide joint research opportunities between the campus and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital so as to address the research data in the statistical analysis. To create statistics used clinical training programs for researchers of each unit of the campus and the hospital district, so to develop their statistical knowledge and skills.

 • Medium-term objectives: 
To establish a "clinical informatics and medical statistics" system, and to internationalize teaching program, so to establish talents, and to combine with a variety of research areas and learn from each other, with a view of enhancing the overall academic achievement.

• Long-term objectives: 
To move towards the establishment of a research institute.
With the advent of post-genome era and the rapid development of biotechnology, application of the basic medical and clinical research has been different in terms of its direction and processing mode. Application of biometric statistics and research services should also bring new principles of thinking logic. One of the biggest differences shall resolve the science research topic arising from larger data amounts. Applied statistics research service should also be computer-based, direct-oriented and with process for a large quantity so to meet international standards as a principle.

It is a fact that application of biostatistics and data processing and data analysis research services nowadays are now in urgent demand. Therefore, to expand the development of research methods, the scale and range of application of specific cooperation will allow the center to become a unit of concrete and practical in clinical medicine with meaningful contribution, and raise the profile of Chang Gung University and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.