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 The nature of teaching and research staff is as follows:

• Bio-statistics: 
Apart from the professional knowledge of general statistical methods, clinical statistics, genetic statistics, pharmacoeconomics, medicine, clinical trials of the study design and statistical methods, long-term data analysis and so on, professionals will be recruited with genetic data analysis background as main priority.  

• Epidemiology, Public Health: 
Related research of the disease incidence and prevalence; infectious diseases, chronic diseases of the topics with a variety of risk factors of disease. Researchers with genetic epidemiology background will be the main short-listing candidates.

• Bioinformatics: 
Genetic statistics, genetic database exploration, microarray data analysis, data mining. The large scale data such as such as SNP, will require the expertise of the personnel with abundant informatics and statistical background which we will actively seek.

• Clinical Pharmacy: 
Participation in the assessment and follow-up of the adverse drug reaction of clinical trials, the methodology such as cost-benefit analysis in pharmacoeconomics.

 • Computer Information: 
Relevant issues of support quality management such as: database deployment and management of electronic databases, support system of the center relevant business.